Welcome to Vybebiz Limited

A very different type of CA and business consultancy service. We are about helping you solve problems and gain a better insight into your business.

We specialise in working in your business with you providing you with the services of a qualified and experienced financial controller without the expensive overhead of a full time accountant.  With modern technology, businesses do not necessarily need   a full time Financial Controller, but need more support than a CA can generally offer generally offer. Looking for a professional Financial Controller Auckland? Look no further than VYBE BIZ. We have the best Business Consultants who are amazing helping hand for you and will give you timely advice in various areas. We have many years of delivering top-notch quality Accounting Services, so you won’t face any kind of issues. At VYBE BIZ, we are committed to providing with the most reliable and trustworthy Accountants in Auckland. Our team is ready to understand your business needs and opt for such strategies that will bring a lot of benefits to you. Just trust our Financial Controller Auckland and contact us now for further information!.

A Financial Controller in your business gives you timely advice and expertise in a number of areas:

Our Services

Financial Accounts

We can work on whatever system you utilize to extract the information to prepare triple bottom line and balance score card.


We can assist with all manner of taxation queries including GST, FBT, PAYE, ACC, Income tax.

Budgeting / Forecasting/Cash flow

Many businesses do not understand the benefits of regular budgeting and forecasting until it comes time to grow or sell their business.

Business Intelligence / Analysis

We have extensive experience and expertise in using advanced excel techniques and new business intelligence products like Power BI.


Understanding business strategy and how to use it to drive good business decisions is a very complex and can be difficult to get right.

Business Valuation

Your business is its own biggest asset. But just what is it worth and how is it calculated?

Custom Software

We have expertise in both areas and as you will see from our business philosophy we use the K.I.S.S principle when looking at business controls and processes.

Internal Audit

Do you need an internal review of your business due to perceived expense or revenue leaks?

Business Acquisition/Disposal

When it comes time to buy or sell a business or a business unit, getting the process right and conducting the negotiation is key.


Understanding business risks and how to develop strategies to deal with them can help you make better business decisions and avoid or insulate your business against a number of potential hazards or unforeseen shocks.


Do you have the right oversight capabilities in your business to ensure you discharge your responsibilities as a director.