6 tips to retain your top sales talent

Sales is a tough gig. When you find the right people who are good at sales, they can make the difference in your business. They can take your revenues to places they’ve never been before. This post will explore 6 strategies you can use to ensure your sales staff stick around for a long time making a great difference to your bottom line.

So when you do have them, how do you keep them around?

Most people would assume that money is the main motivator, and according to research by this Melbourne based publication that would be true in 45% of cases. However, 55% of sales people also find the following factors even more important in deciding how long they will stay in a place.

  • Values. Does your team have the same cultural values as one another?
  • Mission. Does the company have a worthwhile mission?
  • Flexibility. Does your company offer staff the opportunity to work from home occasionally?

Here are the 4 things you can do to retain your staff better:

  1. Get them involved in a sport. Perhaps even start your own work triathlon club!
  2. Play regular team building games. These can be simple ideas or more fun things like escape rooms.
  3. Offer sales targets tied to a holiday. People don’t live to work, they work to live. Create a great life incentive and you’re going to get better results from your people.
  4. Work from home day. It’s becoming more and more common to let staff occasionally work from home. This lets them spend less time in traffic, more time with family and brings a bit more relaxation to their lives.

There you have it, that’s the list!

Got some ideas you think we should add? We’d love to hear from you.