My name is Greg Harrison and I have spent the last 30 years in corporate practice across many diverse industries in senior finance roles often working directly with successful business icon’s.

These industries were very diverse in nature and include;

  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Viticulture & Oneology
  • Fashion
  • Importing, Exporting
  • Car Sales
  • Hospitality & Hotels
  • Large Scale Event (Stadium Level) management
  • IT
  • Start ups.

I can honestly say that I have a passion for the profession as opposed to any one industry. I also have a passion for meeting people and learning new and alternative points of view as this really broadens your ability to make good business decisions.

During this 30 years I have been faced with many often stressful situations and have been “thrown in the deep end” many times. What I hope to share with you, either as an advisor or if you are student in one of my courses is practical tips and tools I have developed to help me through these as well as what I feel are the soft skills you will need to navigate your way through.

I have worked with many personality types from national champions with enormous ego’s through to humble but very successful people.It is the “soft” skills I refer to above that are just as important to learn as the practical application of your studies. One thing all these business people share in common though is a single minded understanding of good business and a very clear and sharp focus on results.

Business moves much faster than when I started my career (pre internet!) and business now moves at breakneck speed. So I have created this course and client services packages to make best use of the 30 years experience to help you bridge the gap between your studies and the real world to help you hit the ground running, or in the case of clients, let your business accelerate its performance. I am a huge fan of continuing education, as should you be and continually upgrading your skills is a must. This is why I undertook post grad studies in software development which I have found invaluable as well as constantly keeping my tax and accounting knowledge up to date. You will hear stress this point and make it a theme of the course.

I really look forward to meeting you and sharing points of view and making the course mutually beneficial if you are a student, or getting to know you and your business if you are looking for a CA business partner.


Greg Harrison.