The Batenes Cell – A laundrymen novel, is the first in a series of
novels I am writing.
It is about an accountant being the hero for a change!
The Novel
When an airport security camera catches a grainy photo of two
international businessmen boarding a corporate jet whose
businesses seem quite unrelated and with one of the
businessmen just having had a meeting with a known villain, the
authorities whose own agencies are stretched to the limit call in
the specialist forensic accounting services of Heighton &
Hilliker to investigate.
Arthur Hilliker has left the army after a short but stellar career to
set up an international chartered accountancy practice along
with his best mate Don Heighton. Using the many contacts in
governments around the world they developed during their
military career, they have established a reputable international
business with a specialist forensic accounting division
specialising in busting money laundering operations.
Pitting their best team against this case they soon become
embroiled in a case that pushes them to the edge and takes them
around the world. Will they bust the case and save their
reputation or have they stumbled on a mysterious organisation
that will stop at nothing to protect their money and operation.
Twists, turns and unexpected events keep the reader gripped as
the story unfolds and builds pace to suspense filled ending.

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