What we Offer

Hi everyone. Welcome to Financial Controllers Academy. If you are new to New Zealand or finishing your accounting & finance degree our aim is to add some practical advice and tools to your skill set and show you how to put it into practice in the corporate world. The modern financial controller in addition to being the traditional good business controller is now also a good story teller able to research and mash data together and present the business story with modern graphical tools in real time to enable the business to make good decisions in a timely manner.

We are hugely passionate about the profession and where it is going. Whilst there is a lot of talk about the use of AI and BI, there will always need to be a human in the loop, i.e YOU! The profession has also changed a lot since I started and it will always continue to change, but one thing will always remain the same, business owners and stake holders will always need good advice and perfect Accounting Courses Auckland, and this is where the profession will be concentrating its focus in the future, i.e more value added techniques as opposed to traditional accounting.

Don’t get me wrong however, you will always need to know the basics and you will get exposure to all that in this Accounting Courses Auckland. For example, through my career I have interviewed many candidates for various levels of financial positions from junior to senior roles. One test I have always given them all is what appears to be a simple creditors reconciliation. What can be hard about that you ask, well let me tell you, plenty. This rec contains errors and items that cover the whole purchasing cycle.

I can tell you that only 10% of candidates have ever completed correctly and it has given me an insight into their practical and theoretical knowledge of the profession. I was very lucky in my first role out of University to have a brilliant mentor who took time to teach me how things really work. In fact his first words to me on day 1 were “Greg, you can put your books away now as I will show you how it is really done.” Sure, I made plenty of mistakes then and through my career. I have also had the privilege to work for many respected business people from a diverse range of industries. The aim of this Accounting Courses Auckland is to take my 30 years of mistakes and experiences and condense them so when you go into your first role, you are equipped with not only the theoretical knowledge from your studies, but a lot of practical tools and tips to help you hit the ground running and navigate your way through many of the complex and stressful situations you will find yourself in. This four week course is divided into 5 main topics which I feel will best equip you for the corporate environment.

1. Governance & Strategy and the role of the finance professional

2. Basic accounting exercises and monthly reporting Practical Accounting

3. Cash flow management, Budgeting, Forecasting and financial markets

4. Business Intelligence and advanced excel techniques such as DAX and power pivots and mashing data together into useful dashboards

5. Practical Tax Each class will be divided into 5 parts, daily topic presentation, Practical exercises, daily Industry example featuring a situation that has arisen from a range of different industries, question time and finally a team project time.

Before you enroll, please take time to review the course content and see if it is relevant to you. Each topic is taught primarily from a practical point of view with some theory. Please make sure that you are happy with both the level of content, pace of the course and delivery method as there are no refunds once you start the course. Please feel free to call or email us any questions you have before you enroll. We will also run information evenings on a periodic basis. The dates of these are listed under the FAQ’s section.

The course is aimed at helping make that leap from your studies to the world of corporate finance and assume you have a good degree of knowledge but little if any experience. I really look forward to seeing you at one of the courses and giving that edge that will give you a huge advantage.